Cookie Vampires!

When you think of belly dancers, there are many words that come to mind. Gracefull and exotic and sensual and…


… incredibly scary. This is what happens when you bring fresh baked oatmeal cookies into a studio after a really butt busting choreography rehearsal. Sweet sexy thangs turn into sugar mauling beasts within moments, it was terrifying!


There is a small amount of blame that can be put on me, unable to decide between the oatmeal cookies on the Quaker lid and Dorie Greenspan’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies I made both. One delicious cookie batch is enough to make a party, but two is too much. It causes this kind of behaviour.


Don’t they look alluringly innocent on the plate? All that oatmeal covers up the effects they have on the half starved and sweaty.


They’ll tell you about how full of fiber and fruit they are, how good dark chocolate is for you. They’ll snuggle up to you and pretend to be comforting little buttery friends.


What they won’t tell you is how you’ll become a cookie vampire, sultry slaves to their peanut butter promises. Those far away gazes, those hands full of cookie crumbs…


You have been warned.



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