A Fun Saturday!

Krystal calls me up on a lazy afternoon and asks me the question that every girl is asked at some time in her life. That age old inquiry that marks a milestone in every human’s path to enlightenment, “You wanna be a hula girl for a retirement condo party?” At first I wasn’t sure, but it wasn’t long before I fell to the seductive lure of riches beyond compare. Namely a grass skirt and all the bbq I could eat (and the pay didn’t hurt either)!  Before the two of us could say Aloha, the weekend was on us and our scrambled rehearsals were paying off.



Krystle is the best to dance with! How those steps ever were figured out with all the giggling is a mystery.


The two of us hula’d out butts off to the best of our ability! The comedy helped, we started off with a silly skit and came back with our grass skirts on to announced we’d be doing the native dances of Bradenton.


The first set was hula, and the second we changed into some other costumes to do a little belly dance of a few different types. Krystle did an amazing job with her candle dance, and she did a very cute Egyptian dance too although the pics didn’t come out. The set was :

A hula duo (to a very cheesey hula song off a party cd we called Tropical Tetris Level 3 although that wasn’t it’s real name)

A hula solo (with Krystle drumming for me)

A hula solo (Krystle dancing to Aloha Mea)

A hula duo (to Little Brown Gal)

A hula with the audience where they got up and danced with us

— Intermission —

An Egyptian solo (Krystle danced to a song I don’t know the name of)

A veil dance (that was me dancing to Principles Of Lust by Enigma)

A candle dance (by Krystle)

A gypsy-ish skit/improv (Krystle drummed for me dancing, with some zills by me and a silly tambourine)



This is her aunt, ain’t she cute? The audience was very nice to us, and played along even when we made them do the arm movements to Little Brown Gal with us.


There was plenty of silliness in our belly dancing too, especially when Krystle drummed for me to dance to. Ask her about the whipped cream, she really loved that part. *snerk*


It was a very fun evening! Aint’ writing much about it yet, because we’re trying to pull some pics off the digital video. That and I need to catch up on several posts that I’m behind on before the weekend!



One response to “A Fun Saturday!

  1. awesome work gals! so great to see you bring joy and giggles to all those folks! 🙂

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