B-Day Shimmies For Me Part 1

Ain’t it cute? Don’t you want it? Y’all can’t have it, because it’s my B-Day present so there! Yes, despite my outward appearance of a young and nubile teenager (*snort*) this weekend I turned 35 and it was fun! Saturday between classes, this bag was presented to me by Krystal and Crystabell. On top was two adorable Chinese finger puppets of a girl and a dragon, and inside was a pair of ruffly dance pants (the same ones Crystabell is wearing but these are black) that they had bought and Krystal had spent days hemming because I ain’t overly tall. Ain’t they sweet? That was a big surprise!


So sweet and innocent you’d never know they could be up to somethi… yeah, that’s about as believeable as the teenager comment.


As usual, the three of us headed out to the beach to drum and dance and eat grilled food from the grill shack. The treat we weren’t expecting was this Hoola Monster to show up! Abby came by and chatted us up a bit when she spied us near where she was hanging out. Not only is she downright brilliant to hang out with, she ended up coming back and bringing her… Nah, you’ll have to scroll down further to see what happened (and the movie clip I grabbed of it!)


 There was dancing of course. Crystabell was practicing her upcoming solo on April 14th.


Krystal was practicing her solo for next month!


Ok, it ain’t all hard work. There’s plenty of laying around and nibbling food and carrying on about whatever occurs to us to be worth talking about.


She brought her hoop! Krystal and Crystabell were drumming and Abby came back to do a little freestyle on the beach. It’s short, but if you scroll down you can revel in her moves and wish you’d been with us!



Yeah, there was even a little of this. The sun and wind was really getting to us, which is why I look kinda snoozy in this pic. Krystal carefully posed me and took these, which had to be hard on her because getting a good pic of me while I ain’t making a weird expression or scratching my butt ain’t easy. Thanks chiclet!



What happened when the rest of the shimmiers showed up? You’ll have to come back tommorow to find out, and trust me when I say you’ll wanna. There’s a saxy Russian and some great dancing (another movie clip, yay) from Johanna and even cake!


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