Baking Challenge!

She did it. CB threw down the gauntlet and declared no mercy, we had no choice but to pick up our whisks and our oven mitts and join the fray as if we knew no fear.

Cake Pops. Specifically cupcake pops, but due to technical difficulties they’re cake pops and darn it that best be good enough for y’all.

First, the memo about using a boxed mix instead of home made cake ended up lost in my virtual mail so here I went making cake. After wondering what would work best, for no explainable reason I had the bright idea to make applesauce cake and brownies to find out which worked best! In these pics you’ll see applesauce cake pops, the brownies ummm… Ok, you know the part where you put them in the fridge to cool and they suggest that you hurry it up by putting them in the freezer? Do you wanna know what happens when you put brownies mixed with cream cheese frosting in the freezer and then forget about them for several hours because of a head cold and an addiction to Katamari Damacy?

Yeah. You could seige a castle with them. Tommorow when they’ve come close to thawing out, I’ll try to post some of their chocolate coated goodness which worked very well. On to the pops!

As you can see here, this is not a cupcake shape. It started out that way, but after trying to wrestle with what I thought was a tight schedule (forgot that CB said 11:59 p.m. PST instead of EST) and being generally unskilled with shaping baked goods the little flower cutout that should’ve made the top of the cupcake started looking pretty cute on it’s own. The next thing I knew, I was cutting out big thick flower shapes and shoving them on the sticks cheerfully!


Why do just those when I have these adorable little heart cookie cutters too? The pink candy melts and the pink sprinkles were so cute and simple, and I was happy to have them nice and relatively neat. The next time I wanna be more creative, but I really enjoyed how they came out. Ain’t y’all precious!


Yes, the background is my robe. Cake and microfleece, natural friends? Yes, really have been in this robe all day because I felt like crap. Please don’t ask what I was wearing while taking these pics if they had the robe in them. You really don’t wanna know about my au natural tendencies when it’s late and D is the only one around. Don’t judge me.

… and don’t ask where a little frosting ended up.



One response to “Baking Challenge!

  1. yours are really pretty too! (:

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