Sunset Hooka Lounge March 14th 2009

The Sunset Hooka Lounge is a new weekly event that’s happening on St. Beach beach right behind the St. Pete Nights restaurant (where the monthly hafla is). The concept is simple and decadent, carpets and hookas right on the beach and live music and belly dancing as the sun sets. Y’all should’ve been there!

There’s a class on Saturday for me, so right after it was over at 2:00 p.m. Krystal and me headed to the beach to get some sun before the show started. Why not spend Saturday hanging out right? She brought the pillows and blankets and drum, and I brought lunch. Here she is playing her doumbek against a sky so blue it has to be Florida.


The set up we have can’t be beat, and we declared ourselves Women Of The Desert as soon as our butts hit the pillows. The original plan was to be lazy and get tan, but neither of us managed to sit quietly for more than ten minutes. She’d brought her drum and I had my zills, and before we were there a half hour we were already teaching each other what we’d learned from our classes. She taught me the very basics of playing the drum, and we spent a bunch of time working on some new moves. The weather couldn’t have been better, sunny and warm with a really cool breeze that kept up.



Once it was closer to sunset, we made ourselves up a bit nicer. Even Women Of The Desert need to fix their sweat destroyed eyeliner sometimes darn it.


For a few she and I (and John who showed up around 4:30 p.m.) were worried we had camped in the wrong place on the beach, and we packed up our camp and started making our way down the sand to find the show. Women Of The Desert indeed, we turned nomadic really quick and were eyeing poor John like he was a potential pack camel. Thank goodness it wasn’t long before we spied the brightly coloured skirts of Loud Zoo… errrr… The Sunset Lounge Hooka Band! Soon enough the folks from St. Pete Nights were out there putting down carpets and setting up the hookas.



The music was great! Krystal and John were joining in with their drums, and I was playing my poor zills clumsily. Ain’t they the cutest couple? This pic was taken right in the middle of some confusing conversation about ca-ca, y’all wanted to know that. Right after this pic, the band was kind enough to invite us over to sit with them and play which was very fun.


Johanna’s dancing was downright stunning as always. Really wanted to get pics of the evening, but all I had with me was my phone and it can’t take pics at night. This one quick pic of Johanna is what I ended up with before the sun set. The wind was whipping her veil around like a little tornado, but she kept it under control. More than once she “encouraged” Krystal and me to get up there and dance, and all I have to say is I’ll be working my butt off not to be caught off guard like that again. It was so scary, I felt like I didn’t know what I was up to at all! Krystal was way more up to speed. Mind you, we had a great time and everybody reading this should get down there! You don’t wanna miss Johanna fire dancing on the beach.

Now sit back and smile at the pretty dancer lady.



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