Armed And Gorgeous

This is Johanna.

This is who I spend my Saturdays and Wednesdays in class and every other day out of class trying to move like. 

This is who can’t help giggling when she catches your eye in the mirror right after you messed up a combo.

There ain’t a pin up queen out there who ever shimmied across a silver screen that can hold a candle to the woman.



This is who works her butt off to make sure we learn and understand.

This is who so obviously pours her heart and soul into what she does that it can make your heart catch in your throat.

This is who puts up with my bad jokes enough to have not yet thrown me out of class…

…but please don’t mention the jokes when she has swords.


This is the woman who no matter how bad you think you’re messing up, never makes you feel clumsy or awful or out of place.

This is the woman who made the painfully awkward feeling chiclet I am feel like I belonged to the studio the second I met her.

This is Johanna, and she’s teaching us to move like her.

She has a big job ahead of her…

… and please for pity’s sake clap for her, before she uses that thing on us!




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