What A Hafla!

Tonight D and me headed to our very first Hafla (a gathering with dancing and music) hosted once a month by Hip Expressions which is the studio where I take classes. What a night we had! Poor D had gotten a filling earlier in his tooth, but he braved the wilds of belly dancing and took me on what we’re wanting to make a monthly date. The hafla was held in a cozy Russian restaurant right on the beach, and the studio already had a table reserved so we all got to hang out together side by side. Krystal saved D and me seats, and I ended up right between Krystal and Crystabell which meant the three of us kept up the chatter all night. The two of them were sharing a hooka, and the jokes as the tentacle kept getting pushed back and forth over my seat were… not appropriate for a family safe blog.



Don’t they just radiate up to no good? This is the three of us after a night of watching gorgeous dancers and drooling over the vendor’s wares.


Don’t mind if we’re a little sweat… errrrr… glistening-y. one of our beloved instructors Kimberly herded us out onto the dance floor between sets to shake it like we meant it, ignoring any and all excuses about how we weren’t ready. That dance floor was empty, and she wasn’t about to let us shirk our shimmying duties. No more high heels for me at haflas, at least not for a while!

What do y’all think, a little effort and some posing does me good eh?





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