Ren Faire!

Ain’t this a brightly coloured crew? The chick in the white shirt is me, yes you can tell that I was really nervous out with them for the first time. From right to left that’s Johanna and Krystal and Omaris and Kimberly and me who forgot how to smile and pursed her lips like a twit. This pic was taken by John as we were getting ready to caravan out to the Ren Faire for a belly dancing competition.


This is Krystal and me trying to look graceful and pretty by a small pond at the Faire. For being grimy and tired and in the middle of shopping we look pretty good! Again with me being nervous and the pursed lips. Smile woman, geeez! Krystal of course looks gorgeous.


Here’s the group posing with the band Wine and Alchemy, right after they did a really good show. At least I’m smiling, but you can tell I’m a bundle of nerves because that divine creature fourth from the left with the coin bra and the red and black headwrap is the band’s dancer and she had just invited us all up to dance to the music. Which is what we did, and I was so scared about belly dancing in front of people for the first time! Ah well, the next time I’ll be more confident and do better right?



2 responses to “Ren Faire!

  1. I am liking the new blog btw. You look great up there and so gutsy! You won’t be as nervous next time you get out there. Just enjoy yourself and the crowd will see it!

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