Serving Up The Shimmies

Trying to get a new blog started ain’t always easy, and being a world class procrastinator I can always find an excuse to wait. NaBloPoMo gave me the push I needed to shimmy my butt into the world of blogging again. Can’t promise much in the way of entertaining wit, but I can give y’all bunches of haphazard kitchen experiments, desperate attempts to convince seedlings to get bigger, and plenty of whining about sore muscles from dance! Doesn’t that sound like a great read?



… Nobody asked y’all anyway. Hmmmph!

These are the adventures of the S.S. Enterpr… err… the adventures of a belly dancing, baking home maker, the wonderful man who refuses to be scared off, and the prissy cat and slap happy dog who adopted us against our better judgement. White picket fence not included (although a brown tall fence would be great if there was some guy hanging around here who wanted to get it finished so I can kick this darn dog out back long enough to mop *cough*).


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